We are an academy school and therefore our admission authority is Abbey Multi Academy Trust.

The school’s admission authority sets the admission policy every year. You can read our school’s admission polices below:

  • In-year applications to start at our school between September 2021 and July 2022 – read our 2021/22 policy and SIF
  • Applications for Reception places in September 2022 – read our 2022/23 policy and SIF
  • Applications for Reception places in September 2023 – read our 2023/24 policy and SIF (please note that this will be published on our website by no later than 15th March 2022)

How to apply for a September 2022 place

If you are applying for a Reception place for September 2022, all applications are made in advance. Offers are made by local authorities on national offer day.  

For admissions into Reception in September 2022, applications must be made via the Calderdale Council admission process. The online application form and further information on the admission process can be found on the Calderdale Council website (

If you wish to apply under Christian Commitment Criteria you should obtain a copy of the School’s Information Form (SIF) from the school and return the SIF to the school by 15 January 2022. Failure to complete this form may affect the oversubscription classification into which your child is placed.

In-year applications

If you're moving into Calderdale or want to transfer your child into our school mid-year, you need to make a school transfer – often called an in-year application.

Moving schools can be a difficult experience for a child. You should always speak to your child's current school before trying to move to see what support they can offer you.

How to apply for an in-year place

Applications for In-Year admissions are made directly to the school. Parents or carers seeking to transfer their child to our school at any time after the start of Reception year should complete the form ‘Mid-Year Start Form.’ at the bottom of this page.

We have to offer places by applying our admission policy criteria to your child’s application and we will contact you with our decision about offering you a place.  We will tell you our decision no later than 15 schools days from when you apply.    

If we cannot offer you a place, we will

  • write to you to explain the reasons,
  • explain how you can appeal and  
  • add your child to our waiting list in case a place becomes free.


If you are not offered a place at the school you requested, you will have the right of appeal. The appeal panel is independent of the school and council and the decision is legally binding.  

Before you appeal you:

  • should accept any place that you have been offered in case your appeal is not successful
  • should think about why you are appealing and check if it's likely to be successful
  • could read the advice for appealing school places on GOV.UK
  • could get independent advice on making an appeal from a charity

Appeals information and appeal forms can be obtained by contacting the clerk to the independent appeal panel:

Admission Appeal Clerk, PO Box 1694, Huddersfield, HD1 9DL

Telephone: 07949707868